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For me suicide is a really imoortant social issue because it affects people of all ages all over the world. I had people close to me who commited suicide, they always kept their feelings to themselves and refused to talk about it. Suicide is preventable and if someone is going through something I would gladly help them with whatever it is. I don’t think no one should go through this kind of pain.





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Myself in 10 Years

In this montage I added pictures that represent what I wanna be doing in ten years. I see myself working as either a tattoo artist or a photographer.
I plan on graduating high school and study photography in college. I want to live in a house in Switzerland because I like cold weathers and those are pretty constant there.
I also really want to adopt a cat and/or a dog because I like having pets, they can make me company and I can have fun with them.

Photo Montage

Read and Write Assignment

– search out an interesting subject to include in your scene.
– position important parts of the scene off-center.
– balance the “weight” of your subject by including another object to fill the space.
– shooting from a lower angle help simplify the composition and also gives an unique view point.
– including foreground objects ads interest to your photos.
– if the subject doesn’t stand out clearly against its surroundings, fill the entire frame with the subject.
– if the subject is moving, leave enough space in the frame for the eye to follow that movement.
– framing objects help your main subject to stand out more and also gives the viewer something else to look at.
– mix and match photography techniques to create something new.